8 Tips on how to prepare for a job interview

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But today I want to speak to you about: 8 tips on how to prepare for a job interview

And yes, I realize the most people understand the basics like don’t be late, google the location in advance or for digital interview that we don’t have anything funny in the background.

8 tips on how to prepare for a job interview:

  1. Have clean note pad with your questions written down and write down the name of the person you are going to speak with.
  2. Write down the number of the person you will meet or speak with in case of delay.
  3. Understand not everyone is having job interviews daily so your interviewer could also be nervous, so start with an icebreaker: What a great day or love the view here or my personal favorite in a Teams or Google Meet is to ask if they would also like a cup of coffee…. “Ba Dum Tss!”
  4. Respond with “What would you like to know?” if they ask you “Tell me something about yourself”
  5. Make sure you specify the responsibilities of the role, so you know what you are getting into. So, ask the question “What are the three main responsibilities of the role,” and then say them back to the interviewer so that he or she knows you understood what they have explained you. This also has the benefit you are getting on their good side because you are showing you are an active listener.
  6. If you give a salary range, make sure you know that the interviewer will remember the lowest of the range and funny enough you will remember the highest number you give, so give the number you want as the lowest half of the range. 
  7. Keep in mind that employers and employees don’t speak the same “language”, it not that they are looking to find faults or will try to put you out of your comfort zone on purpose (or at least I hope not) but they look at it from a management or employers’ perspective. They might not have the budget for certain things or even though they would like to give you everything you ask for.
  8. Now finally, yes, it’s still a job interview where both parties are trying to convince the other to work with each other after finding out of there is a match on all the points like the responsibilities, the location, type of company ect. So, it’s smart to make a little bit of effort to show your good side and have fun during the interview. Keep the energy high and ask questions about who your interviewer is and what they personally like about the company itself.

I hope this helped you to prepare for an interview! Check below the video!

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