Paris Digital Sales | Digital Sales Manager | AI Powered AdTech | Programmatic Advertising Technology that helps Programmatic Traders save time and perform 10X | €75.000, – p.y.

Paris Digital Sales | Digital Sales Manager | AI Powered AdTech | Programmatic Advertising Technology that helps Programmatic Traders save time and perform 10X | €75.000, – p.y.

Your role: Digital Sales Manager

• Does AdTech flow through your veins?
• Would you like to offer your clients the holy grail of Real Time Bidding?
• Do you have a network of media agencies and trading desks?
• Are you based in Paris and a native French speaker?
• Do you have experience in Programmatic Advertising?

Then the role of Digital Sales Manager could be your ultimate challenge!

Programmatic Display and Video Ad Platform infused with AI-Algorithm that permits media traders to handle hundreds of campaigns at ones and save massive amounts of time!

The Digital Sales Manager would join a real technology company. You will walk amongst the nerds. The sound of fingers tapping the keyboards. Funny Star Wars references and lightsaber sounds when someone brings in fresh baguette. This French Ad Tech company drives on innovation and marketing. The founders are half machine and have mad scientist. Okay not really, but you get the idea.

They all share the same passion for programmatic advertising because of the massive amounts of data you can use and play with. This is the core of their business.

How to use concrete measuring points and have the algorithm do the work. The bigger the data set the more information and learnings the algo has and the faster it works.

This brings back the number of hours that media traders optimizing their campaigns. So, to keep it simple, less time working and better results. This saves the agencies and trading desk money and helps keep the media traders happy.

The Digital Sales Manager needs to navigate the wishes of the clients to the engineers and the founders.

Your next step as a Digital Sales Manager find the jedi in yourself

So, your next mission is not to carry Yoda on your shoulders but to grow the revenue of the company. It’s your responsibility to reach out to media agencies and trading desks and set up meeting with heads of trading, traders, and consultants

Supported by a first-class powerpoint that will blow the mind of your clients. Even though you are obviously an amazing salesperson that can present like Steve Jobs. Our client knows that it’s better to have some marketing materials that can help you visualize the product.

Do you remember the time when you had to do all of this yourself? Not today! This is all done by the marketing team, and they have made several colorful and interactive slides presentations made in the looks and feel of your potential prospects. This saves you massive amounts of time.

One of the strong points in the role of Digital Sales Manager is that you will be guided by a real obi wan Kenobi. Your team lead has fought the battles himself. He knows what obstacles and bottlenecks you have and how you can solve them.

As Digital Sales Manager you are not only setting up meetings for new business. You will actively grow the portfolio of clients and maintain a strong relationship with them. It’s truly a full circle sales position. Does this sound like something you would like to do? Apply today!

What are they asking from the Digital Sales Manager?

• Bachelor or university degree
• Passion for building new relations
• Strong social skills
• A profound knowledge of movie related jokes (a sense of humor)
• A passion for tech and online advertising
• 2 years of experience in online media
• Sales experience for SaaS or Media
• Based in Paris
• Good level of English
• Fluent in French

What are they offering the Digital Sales Manager?

• An annual salary package of €75.000, –
• CDI contract
• The role of Digital Sales Manager
• A group of friends that will become your colleagues
• An innovative and always evolving product to sell
• International career opportunities
• High speed laptop or MacBook
• Phone
• Home office equipment
• An amazing office in the center of Paris

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